Youth Mentoring & Boxing Program (YM&B)

Charlotte’s Web will be partnering with DC Public School to implement our boxing and mentoring program during their after-school activities.




Charlotte’s Web’s mission is to provide mentoring and life skills to our male youth in the community. We will also focus on male youth that display consistent behavior issues by offering a diversion program that combines the skills of boxing/physical training and how they relate to everyday life situations.

We will encourage & teach:

  • Community Awareness
  • Discipline
  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Growth
  • Trust
  • Life Skills

Our program will emphasize on the discipline of boxing and implement a process to help identify the mentee’s triggers. Through it, we help them channel any unwarranted behaviors into positive ones.


In boxing there are two components required to be successful: offense and defense. The same two components will be identified with life skills centering around engagement and disengagement. The boxing and mentoring program will target youth between the ages of 8 – 18. The mentees will be broken down into two groups (8-12) and (13 to 18).


The Mentoring Sessions will be held every Saturday from 9:00am – 11:00am, Charlotte’s Web Enrichment Center, Inc. HQ (817 Brightseat Road, Hyattsville MD) for 7 (seven) weeks.


The following Benchmarks have been established to evaluate the progress of each mentee and placed in an individual PLAN OF ACTION (POA) Folder:


  1. Topic/Group discussion/did the mentee participate
  2. Did they identify with other kids/Mentors
  3. Did they converse/with whom
  4. When did the discussion start/stop
  5. What information was provided to help explore the problem/solution
  6. What plan was recommended
  7. How did the mentee respond at the completion of the program


There aren’t any participation fees. Upon the completion of each session we will provide water, Gatorade, and lunch. Charlotte’s Web has the resources of C-PAC (Community Public Awareness Council) to help develop the mentees that have identified/unidentified issues with education, self-esteem, effective problem solving; as well as opportunities to explore opportunities for college and trade school.

Charlotte’s Web Enrichment Center, Inc is actively seeking monetary donations to assist with the cost of operating our community-based program. 


    It is necessary to incentivize participation to encourage the return of the participants in fulfilling the requirements of the seven-week session. Adjacent to the educational, physical and mental building opportunities being introduced, weekly lunch, and overall benefit of the lessons, the mentee will be preparing for a formal graduation at the end of the term – where they will be celebrated and allowed to show their gifts and new-found discipline with their support systems.

    Going further, the mentees who show great mental, physical, and disciplinary excellence will be able to return and serve as mentors to the next cohort, furthering their educational pursuits by being enlisted to train others in the skills they have obtained.


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    The young men will learn interactive life skills that coincide with boxing techniques. Engage in community activities and participate in outings to celebrate them!

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    There is no shortage in the news about the negative influences
    and the actions of our youth and the increasing need for
    a variety of assistance with our seniors.

    Through our various programs, Charlotte’s Web is eager to change that narrative of worthlessness that stigmatizes our youth and provide awareness, aid and value to our seniors.

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