Enhancing the lives of many by providing Youth Mentoring and Boxing, Community Services, Mentoring, Senior Care, Community Kitchen and Clothing Closet.

Enhancing the lives of many by providing Youth Mentoring and Boxing, Community Services, Mentoring, Senior Care, Community Kitchen and Clothing Closet.


There is no shortage in the news about the negative influences
and the actions of our youth and the increasing need for
a variety of assistance with our seniors.

Through our various programs, Charlotte’s Web is eager to change that narrative of worthlessness that stigmatizes our youth and provide awareness, aid and value to our seniors.


Many of the kids we provide service to at our center are young men in the community. These young men need mentoring as a means to divert them from facing possible incarceration or trouble in school.

26% have an incarcerated parent.

52% raised in a home with no positive
               male figures.

34% lived without males actively
               involved in their lives.

85% lived in poverty.


We aim to prepare our youth for the next phases of growth & development in a safe,

constructive environment, which we approach through our core programs:

Youth Mentoring and Boxing (YM&B)

Boxing training helps identify mentee’s triggers and channel any unwarranted behaviors into positive ones.


We provide a spin on mentoring, by combining it with boxing techniques; relating those techniques with life skills.

Community Services

Our volunteer program’s goal is to empower youth to effectively participate as members of the communities. 

Senior Care

We also cater the needs of elders through a Senior Care Program that helps enhance their independent living.

Community Kitchen

We offer Weekend Food Program for area children to have a healthy and warm meal when they’re out of school.


Our Clothing Program aims to provide uniforms, coats, and other clothing essentials to children in need.


Commitment to the community, through service,

partnership and dedication.


Charlotte’s Web Enrichment Center, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, established to assist with senior care, youth boxing and mentoring, community service, mentoring, community kitchen and clothes closet.

Our mission is to “Enhance the lives of Many”, by providing a structured environment directed at physical fitness, work-force development, re-entry, life-skills, education and mental health.


” A change for tomorrow, starts with the present.

Charlotte’s Web will attempt to reach the youth who will benefit most from the programs. Through our programs the youth will learn, discipline, confidence and most important self respect in a fun and safe environment. We will provide mentorship from the leading and most exemplary members of the DMV.


years of transforming the lives and dreams of our youth into reality


youth impacted by our boxing and mentoring programs.


mentees completed 7 weeks of mentoring sessions with new-found discipline.


mentees returned to serve as mentors and enlisted to train others in the skills they obtained.


When our programs succeed, our youth also succeed.

Everything’s been good!

My kid has been doing good so far, even though he is out of school. I have not had to speak twice about anything — no back talk and homework is complete. I cannot complain. He said, “Ma, what James and Brian said to me is right… I got to do what is right.” 

Mentee’s Parent


Bring fun, hope, and

encouragement to the boys of

Charlotte's Web.

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